Trinny & Susannah

So now the secret is out!! In December 2007 The ITV show “Trinny and Susannah”  featured Kan Kan in their series “Undress The Nation”. Watch The Following Video:-

Kan Kan featured in a “make-over” in the formidable pairs’ uniform transformation. They kitted our girls out with figure flattering uniforms, which were designed to give corporate identity but to allow each instructor to customise the design to their own shape, whether they were an “apple”, “hour glass”, “vase”, or “lollipop”, the uniform looked great on each team member.

The key to our uniform is that each instructor is able to tailor the look to their own individual style… getting away from boring, traditional uniforms which did nothing to make people feel important and valued. Our goal was to provide an optional uniform which was available to make our instructors feel special , and maybe , even , a little bit glamorous…!

Some of our team enjoy wearing the Kan Kan uniform, and in a figure flattering dove grey and soft pink, who can blame them?

Our uniform is completely optional as we like to encourage our team to make such a personal choice for themselves. Above all we want our instructors to feel comfy and confident. We want the team to decide for themselves if they wish to share “the look!”

Nonetheless one thing is for sure we all had a wonderful day with Trinny and Susannah!, we remain in contact with them and the fabulous production team at itv.

“Thanks Kate (Producer) for being a complete star!”

“Thanks to Annie in fashion for being a genius with design”

“Thanks to Marks and Spencers in Pudsey, for treating us  like celebrities for the day, and all your  patience in changing and swapping sizes, oh yes and the fabulous nibbles !!!!”

“Thanks to radio Leeds, Yorkshire Evening Post, The Western Mail and Echo and the Halifax Courier, and all the rest for getting the word out there…! ”

Thanks to Trinny and Susannah, what amazing women you are! , you have helped take Kan Kan to a whole new level. Over 90 instructors now nationwide… we are truly a National brand.

The biggest thanks of all go to our amazing  team, Thank you, thank you for being such beautiful models!

Thanks a Million…

Beverley Midgley – Director Kan Kan Ltd.