Become An Instructor

Training To Be A Driving Instructor With Kan Kan From PDI to ADI

Becoming a Female driving instructor ( ADI ) can be a very rewarding career especially for working MumsĀ  who need a certain amount of flexibility in their jobs.

Having a career as a driving instructor (ADI) means that your career is vocational you can take your career with you wherever you might be.

Complete Driving Instructor Course Parts I, II & III

At Kan Kan Female Driving Instructor Training Academy we offer a complete beginner course for those who wish to train to be a driving instructor ADI. Our driving instructor course is a structured programme, which fits around your availability and covers all aspects of becoming a driving instructor ADI.

We also offer a unique method of adi training, with a Personal Trainer, who is dedicated to you. They will work with you right the way to becoming an ADI. They will be available for you at any time to troubleshoot any problems, and to answer specific questions that you might feel embarrassed to ask in a clasroom environment. No question is too small and no problem is too big for our experienced ADI Instructor Training Team.

For more details on becoming a driving instructor ADI and details of our “pay as you go” options, you can email us at for an information booklet on how to become a driving instructor ADI, alternatively you can call to arrange and assesment and interview on with one of our Course Consultants.